Potemkin Creek: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Nature


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One friend, Rachel, asked about the cleanliness of the water in the faux creek, “considering that many kids play here”.

While I did not look at water quality issues, I do know that the water is pumped directly from the culvert below at Hardy Park (and is returned to the culvert at Redondo Park). To get into the culvert in the first place, the water runs-off streets and landscapes into the stormdrains. The water picks up whatever is on the ground, including some bad things: oil and rubber from cars, lawn chemicals, trash, etc. Some of this is not pumped up out of the culvert or is intercepted, some is not. The best people to talk to about it are the Friends of Temescal Creek, linked on the left who do (monthly?) water quality monitoring further upstream at the discharge point into Lake Temescal. Also, a large proportion of the watershed above Hardy Park is in the hills, meaning that percentage of runoff probably picks up less bad stuff and dilutes what is picked up in the heavily urbanized areas.

Comment by potemkincreek

I am enjoying reading your thesis and blogged about it here – http://localecologist.blogspot.com/2009/01/masters-thesis-faux-creeks-with-focus.html. My first visit to the creek is described here – http://localecologist.blogspot.com/2007/09/finding-temescal-creek.html.

Comment by Georgia

Thanks Georgia. My next project is to make a self-guided walking-tour ‘zine of the faux parts of Temescal Creek (both existing and proposed). Stay tuned!

Comment by potemkincreek

Jon…your thesis is certainly are very thorough and very thoughtful. I am impressed with your sophistication in assembling all the many issues, nuances and connections. (One small goof…see the spelling of my name above)


The Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District has a new site address. Thought you might like to update your Cool Links section: http://acfloodcontrol.org/

Comment by Theresa Desseaux

Thanks so much for this information. I made the change.

Comment by potemkincreek

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