Potemkin Creek: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Nature

Photos and Maps

All the images I used are embedded in the Thesis itself. I am working on a photo gallery here, including images that didn’t make it into the Thesis.  If anyone can help me desing this so it looks good, please give me a holler.

This is the section of the East Bay where Temescal Creek is:

Here is the headwaters of Potemkin Creek:

And here is where it drains back to the culvert:

Here is a diagram of the ‘heart’ of Potemkin Creek, which can be found at Hardy Park:

If you click on this one you can see better where the culvert is (yellow) and Potemkin Creek is (blue):

The diagram, from 1972, of where the Flood Control District would culvert Temescal Creek:


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