Potemkin Creek: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Nature


Special thanks to Jeff Norman, whose book Temescal Legacies: Narratives of Change from a North Oakland Neighborhood got this story started by documenting the history of the creek.  I was pleased to be following his lead.  I think in the end all I really did was point out that private developers above other sections of the Temescal Creek culvert are now taking up the process of what was started in the 1970s with the pump/swale feature designed by Irwin Luckman, and the idea of a ‘natural’ urban creek is possibly falling further out of reach, but that it depends on what you want to believe ‘natural’ is.

Thanks to all the people who suffered through my interviews: Bruce Douglas, Robin Freeman, Robin Grossinger, Markley Bavinger, Darin Ranelletti, Will Mollard, Craig Benson, Liza McNulty, Juliet Lamont, Carole Schemmerling, Joan Marie Wood, Frank Flores, Roy Alper, Theresa Nelson, Gene Mazza; Jeff Norman. (If I left you out, please let me know!)

In addition to the professors and friends mentioned in the Acknowledgments section of the Thesis itself, thanks also to my thesis buddies and grad school cohort for their support, feedback, and assistance on this project: Micha Soloman, Mary Brown, Jason Zimmerman, Aaron Dillon, John Garvey, Chris Terry, Dave Toy, Elmer Tosta, and Alan Wiig.



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